COVID-19 in Italy and our reply

Nicolini's own experience. Covid.19: what happened, how we reacted.
A brief history.
22 March: Italy gets into Lockdown
On 22 March, after the closure of schools and shops, the Italian Government issues a ministerial decree in order to face the huge spreading of Coronavirus, imposing the closure of the major part of productive activities throughout the country, with the obligation to stay at home for the population.
Nicolini & C. stays open
Into this emotionally and psychologically extreme framework, our company remains open, due to the fact that the electric motor production is considered a strategic industrial activity and thus not to be stopped.
Emergency lean production
Long before the lockdown, we predicted what consequences such a closure on this scale would caused to our productive facility. So we calculated risks, critical issues and different operative solutions. We decided to implement an emergency lean production, focused on a frontloading strategy and a strengthening of components and raw material stock in order to overcome the closures of suppliers that actually took place. Prediction, organization, promptness and flexibility allowed us to avoid the lack of electric motors supply and the delays of delivery.
14 April: gradual re-start of Italy
After weeks of health crisis and Italian economy lockdown, data about contagion spreading finally became encouraging: even if the total number of casualties is high, the number of new cases significantly diminishes. A partial re-opening of many factories can be witnessed for some days, a first signal of return to normality. Excluding contingencies, formal lockdown will end the 3rd of May.
Countdown to 3rd May
We started our own company countdown towards the total re-opening of the Country, willing to face uncertainty and a feeling of helplessness that hover over our society and in the rest of the world with our own means: commitment and enthusiasm. We will be ready at the appointment of the 3rd of May with a renewed sense of awareness, showing a dynamism and a managerial flexibility that beared its fruit and made us stronger.
We will not let our guard down
In the company, we will keep controlling our risk factors and ensuring people security. The measures of control adopted during the peak of epidemic are valid still nowadays and in the future: spacious rooms allow us to work by respecting interpersonal distancing, using masks if necessary. We observe the rules of washing hands and we respect all the recommended behaviours for individual hygiene. Lastly, we perform periodic sanitization of the environments.
Nicolini & C. by your side
We took again our place on the starting block, excited to start again and to go back to our business routine. We hope that soon it will be possible to meet again our established partners and to welcome new ones.
We do wish to share all your objectives and to help you achieving every new project!
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