Story of our 50° Anniversary

Among the various guests of our 50th anniversary, Saturday September 23, also the Sun was there after a rainy week, making our Open Day even more memorable and bright!

Let’s start by thanking all the participants: the employees with their families, to whom we dedicated the event, the customers, the fellow entrepreneurs, the collaborators, the suppliers and all the citizens who visited our company with great interest. The influx of guests went beyond expectations!
For those who could not be present, we here briefly summarize the day: in his welcoming speech, our Chairman and CEO, Andrea Nicolini, recalled the beginnings, in the Seventies, with several family anecdotes. He retraced the many stages of enlargement and growth, with the acquisition of machinery, the increase in staff, the introduction of some strategic models of motors. He spoke of the last decade of the presidency under his direction, focused on significant investments in technology and automation. Among them, the automated and compactable warehouse, the new end-of-line testing machines, the new impregnation and drying plant, but most all the New Winding Department 4.0. The latter deserved all the focus of those present, who have been able to see a full cycle of electric winding performed by the robot upon different islands.
As Nicolini stated “ The project started over two years ago, during COVID pandemic, with the guiding idea that great crises are opportunities for great changes as wel… With this new machine we will internally produce the 'heart' of our product, the biggest range of our product that goes from approx. 1kw to 11kw motors. With this automation, we will take a step forward in relation to our reference market, we do not want to remain one of the many small, good Italian assemblers of electric motors, but rather become part of the biggest manufacturers of motors. The difference between assemblers and manufacturers is substantial: with this internal capacity and this know-how, we can reach more advanced markets and industries of even more importance”.
Among the most exciting moments, it is certainly important to remember the presentation of the award “Homo Faber” to Andrea Nicolini, made by sculptor Graziano Pompili from Reggio Emilia. We would also like to thank again two special guests who presented the award, for their time and the honors they gave us: Roberta Anceschi, President of Unindustria Reggio Emilia and Vanes Fontana, General Manager.
A final buffet for all guests eventually finished the Anniversary, with an atmosphere of great joy and relax.

I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-1.jpg ID: 1068
I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-2.jpg ID: 1069




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