single-phase motors

single-phase motors

A vast range of versions with special electrical characteristics, starting torques, maximum torque, slippage, efficiency and other particular are available on request. Nicolini & C. can supply many types of single-phase motors with increased starting torques. This means the motors can be set to many uses normally requiring versions with additional capacitors.


Only capacitors made of self-regenerating metallized propylene immersed in resin are used. The casings and the covers are made of self-extinguishing plastic material. The standard capacitors in single-phase motors, are of the type approved by the main European inspection authorities for continuous service. We can supply special motors with capacitors with relay and for intermittent service on request. Insulation of the capacitors is usually 20% higher than the voltage delivered by the motors. 

The capacitors are fixed outside the motor by wide metal clamps which, besides ensuring greater stability will not damage the capacitor coatings. Furthermore, different capacitor holders are available in both plastic and aluminum. These protect the capacitors against impacts and bad environmental conditions.

Centrifugal switch

When very high starting torques are required, single-phase motors can be equipped with supplementary capacitors controlled by centrifugal switches. It is normal to use an electrolytic capacitor of a capacity suited to the motor power rating.

Once start-up has occured, disactivation of the electrolytic capacitor is achieved by the centrifugal switch mounted inside the motor.

As compared to other solutions, use of a centrifugal switch with double contact ensures better functionality even in bad power delivery conditions and guarantees reliable use of the motor for thousands of start-ups. Experience with tens of thousands of motors built with centrifugal switches enables us to indicate this solution as the most functional and long-lasting.


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