customised solutions

customised solutions

Most of Nicolini & C’s electric motor production comprises motors with customised dimensions or electrical specifications, and therefore not standardised.
The motors manufactured with these criteria allow a targeted use of the motors thus making the machine that is used on more efficient, as well as allowing for savings in materials and energy.

In actual fact, Nicolini & C technicians collaborate with the specialists from the various clients companies to offer over thirty years of experience in creating both electrical and mechanical solutions.

Every year many prototypes are designed to meet the demands of the market; the motors are carefully tested in the modern, fully computerised, internal testing chamber.
Nicolini & C was one of the pioneers in creating hollow shaft motors for high pressure pumps and is still amongst the leaders of this market, exporting all over the world. Nicolini & C hollow shaft motors are recognised for their excellent reliability which is due to the precision of their mechanical processing as well as their high level of electrical performance.

Over recent years the company has developed a special solution called Double Flange aimed at the professional washing services market: it is a motor that combines the advantages of the hollow shaft motor (reduced dimensions and low costs) and the characteristics of the standard type motor with flange and coupling (easy assembly and service).


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