IEC80: new hollow shaft

IEC80: new hollow shaft motor size
We introduce to the market a brand new size: a IEC80 motor housing that amplify our hollow shaft range, specific for application with high pressure pumps having a maximum shaft diameter of 24mm
Main specifications
The hollow shaft IEC80 is a special size and comes in two main powers:
0,55kw and 0,75kw 1400 rpm; both singlephase and threephase (other versions are under study).
Industrial applications and Misting
Hollow shaft motors IEC80 represent a compact solution, reliable and convenient for all uses, ideal for pumps requiring reduced quantity of water and power
It is possible to request:
  • customizations and dedicated powers, also with 2 poles or with high efficiency IE3
  • SMART version, thanks to an inverter on housing
  • Box and switch installation
Nicolini & C. background of hollow shaft motors
Nicolini & C. has been a pioneer – and is highly specialized – in the manufacturing of hollow shaft motors for direct matching of high pressure pumps. With the hollow shaft solution, dimensional spaces of the motor-pump group are minimized (no more need for elastic coupling and pump's flange for fixing of standard motors).
The direct matching of the IEC80-range allows a simple, economic and reliable solution, also for long period of time. Hollow shaft motors IEC80 represent a new solution for size, compactness and cost-effectiveness. The possibility to have the motor even in “smart” version, with inverter on board, it's a further option.
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