4.0 Anthropomorphic robots at Nicolini&C.

A latest generation lathe and two new anthropomorphic motors for loading/unloading machines just made their entrance in Nicolini & C. The two automated robotic areas can be integrated with each other and programmed for various types of operations. Thanks to their 6 axes, they have a high trajectory and acceleration control, as well as a remarkable reliability.
That inverstment fits into the budget plan for 4.0 Industry transition, allowing automation and interconnection in our productive sector. The use of machine-to-machine data and cloud computing will be more and more implemented to obtain several analysis aimed at performance improvement as well as better production systems and workflows flexibility.
Evolution is a fundamental process for any kind of activity, regardless of the scope and the sector to which they belong: it’s in the nature of the market to be in continuous evolution. Our vision is focused on a solid core business, a development plan in the short, medium and long term and a synergic approach to innovation.
In the next newsletter, we will talk about the new Manufacturing Execution System, a management system that digitizes and coordinates production operations, helping in measuring and improving performance.
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I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-1.jpg ID: 1068
I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-2.jpg ID: 1069
I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-3.jpg ID: 1070
I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-4.jpg ID: 1071
I robot antropomorfi e 4.0 di Nicolini & C./i-robot-antropomorfi-e-4-0-nicolini-motori-5.jpg ID: 1072



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