double flange motor

double flange motor

The motor DOUBLE FLANGE is an highly innovative solution developed by Nicolini & C, it consists in a new coupling system of electric motors for high pressure pumps. The technical solution conceives to synthetize the advantages of the hollow shaft motor (reduced dimensions and low costs) with the technical advantages of the standard motors with pump’s flange and elastic coupling (simple assembly and easy assistance).

The motor has two flanges: the first flange encloses the D-bearing (pump side) and it protects the heart of the motor; the second flange is planned to support the high pressure pump and to contain the elastic joint of reduced dimensions (for a direct drive of traditional type).

The two flanges have the same point of implantation on the engine pod. The DOUBLE FLANGE motor by Nicolini & C offers a valid alternative solution to the use of the traditional pump flange containing the dimensions of the motor-pump group and offering the advantages of the elastic coupling.

Showing a compact and innovative design, the motor is assuring at the same time the complete protection from contacts with parts in motion and the reliability of the traditional motors Nicolini & C. The motors with double flange can be assembled together with the greater part of the high pressure pumps models produced by the main manufacturers.

Our technical office is at disposal for who is interested in receiving more details and further information.


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