Asynchronous Threephase Motors IE3

Asynchronous Threephase Motors IE3

On June 16, 2011 in all EU countries came into force the Commission Regulation 640/2009 which specifies ecodesign requirements for electric motors and establishes minimum performance standards.
The Regulation shall apply to three-phase asynchronous single speed motors, with squirrel-cage at 50 Hz or 50/60 Hz, rated between 0.75 kW and 375 kW, from 2 to 6 poles, meant for continuous duty service.
The a.m. regulation shall NOT apply to motors completely integrated into a product (e.g. a gear, a pump, fan or compressor) for which the energy performance cannot be tested independently from the product.
The motors that are not used in continuous service, i.e. motors for limited service or intermittent service, are excluded from the application of these regulations as well.
Efficiency values to which we refer are defined by the IEC 60034-30: the conventional efficiency class is defined as IE1; from January 1st 2015 motors with a power rating of between 7.5 and 375 kW must have at least the IE3 efficiency level or the IE2 efficiency level if equipped with variable speed drive.

From 2015 Nicolini choose to offer and develop only the engines of IE3 range, leaving the IE2 range that will soon be obsolete. The motors IE3 Nicolini are the result of an important study on materials and components that affect the engine performance.

The efficiency by Nicolini IE3 motors are certified by accredited external laboratories.


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